The Building Process

Finding the right model for you and your family is our top priority! As the manufacturer, we network with an array of qualified builders who take time to walk you through the building process.

Whether it’s wanting to know base cost information or option upgrading, our builders will take the time to go over all questions with you regarding pricing.

Yes, we can customize your home! Our engineers work hard to fit your home to your needs. Speaking with the builder will help to achieve what’s possible! Please note, engineer fees may apply.

While we are still experiencing effects from COVID-19, delays may happen. Your builder will be able to advise and provide an approximate time frame of your home.

Find a Floorplan
Visit our Find a Home page and use the ‘Refine Search’ option to narrow your search to find your dream home.

Find a Builder
Visit our Find a Builder page and enter your ZIP code and desired radius to find the nearest builder for their contact information.

Once you’ve selected a builder, your next step is financing! Your builder will be able to advise on cost, along with decor and option selections that are available for your selected home.

Setup & Delivery
Now that land and financing have been figured out, your home will be added to the queue! Your builder will be able to give you up to date timeframes throughout the process. Once a set date has been determined, your home will be delivered.

After Delivery Questions
Please contact your builder for any after delivery service questions or assistance!